A Horse Sanctuary In California Was Reduced To Ashes, But All 20 Horses Miraculously Survived

A Horse Sanctuary In California Was Reduced To Ashes, But All 20 Horses Miraculously Survived

All 20 horses at a horse sanctuary in Jamul, California miraculously survived the Valley Fire that swept through the ranch destroying sheds, equipment and more.

Patty Hyslop started the Hyslop Horse Haven to care for abused and neglected horses. Hyslop sufferers from multiple sclerosis and, at one point, was paralyzed, but she believes her love for horses has helped her condition improve.

“It was one of the scariest things that we’ve ever been through,” Hyslop told FOX 5. “When I saw those hundred-foot flames coming at us … I (thought I) was going to come back the next day to dead horses or severely burnt horses. And if they had died, I think I would’ve died with them. My heart would have just broken.”

The animals survived the fire, but the sanctuary is in complete ruin, with tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

The wildfires ripped through more than 8 sheds full of medication, feed and other equipment. Even cars and trailer homes for the ranch’s volunteers have turned to ash.

“My shed alone, there was probably $10,000 worth of tack and medications feed everything inside and it’s just all gone,” said Hope Gilces, Hyslop’s niece.

Jessica Catanzaro, a close friend of Hyslop, has launched a GoFundMe page to support the horses and return the ranch to its former condition.

“By some miracle the homes and all 20 horses were saved but sadly all tack sheds and equipment were lost. Patty runs Hyslop Horse Haven, a horse rescue. She provides lessons to local children to help pay for the feed and care of these beautiful horses. Without equipment for riding and for caring for these horses she won’t be able to continue rescuing horses or providing kids with the experience of loving and working with horses. The ranch is going to be in need of feed, medicine, care equipment, and all items needed for riding lessons (saddles, blankets, tack, etc). They will need to rebuild storage units and replace machinery that didn’t survive the fire. Please consider helping out to somebody who gives their best to the Jamul community!”

The donation page has raised $11,500 toward its $15,000 goal.