Music can enhance your workout

My musician friend encourages me to do fitness training at home because she noticed that i’m really gaining weight. She says there are many fitness training videos available that i can use, i just have to choose the one that can truly motivate me. I think she’s right, music also plays a big part in the success of fitness training. The music should put an excitement in your body and energize you even before you start with the exercises. Music can really enhance your workout.

How does music enhance workouts? 

According to Robert Sewak, PD, author of the article Striking the Right Chord With the Music You Choose, scientists in 1935 discovered a simple tempo change in music caused the respiration rate to change.  

As they observed more data, scientists also noticed that music:

  • Changed the heart rate
  • Affected blood pressure
  • Changed the metabolic rate
  • Reduced physical and mental stress
  • Reduced fatigue

All of these things aid the flow of energy in the human body.


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