Fitness and music

Listening to music while doing a workout in the gym or running in the field has become a norm or common to us. Maybe because music is a source of motivation and inspiration.

According to an article:

Several clinical reports suggest that dance cardio helps people accomplish the following: develop positive body image, improve self-concept and self-esteem, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, decrease isolation, chronic pain, and body tension, increase communication skills, and encourage a sense of well-being.

Thanks to people who shared their talent in music – to the composers, sound engineers, singers and even manufacturers of music instruments and tools. Thanks also to technology, we can now create music more efficiently and easily. A sound engineer in our church is very thankful because they already have a markbass bass di, a state-of-the-art direct box that fully meets the needs of professional sound engineers.

Anyway, there are many motivational music to help you push through with your workout. You can even customize your own, since everyone’s musical tastes are as different as everyone’s bodies so you just choose the music moves you.

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