How can martial arts classes benefit your child?

Many people have the misconception that martial arts promote violence, and therefore are reluctant to let their children take part. However, this is completely untrue and joining a martial arts class can actually benefit your child in many different ways. It will help with their mental as well as physical development and can even lead to better grades, social skills and respect for adults.

One of the best things a martial arts class can offer a child is the ability to respect not only others but also themselves. In every class they will have to show respect to their instructor and to other students, and whilst many people think that learning physical martial arts will encourage children to be violent, they will actually be taught that violence is not a good way to resolve issues and they will develop peaceful conflict resolution skills.

Martial arts classes are also excellent for developing a child’s social skill, especially if they are shy or find it difficult to bond with children in the playground. In a martial arts class, every child will have something in common, and will therefore find it much easier to bond with each other than they would at school where the children all have different interests. Many martial arts also require children to pair up and work together, so they’ll be able to develop close relationships with the other students they meet and they’ll develop teamwork skills.

When taking a martial arts class, your child will learn to set realistic targets and will be able to experience the increase in self esteem and sense of accomplishment which comes with meeting these goals. Having high self esteem is important in childhood because it is so easy for a child to be put down, whether it’s by low grades, school bullies, broken up friendships or any of the other numerous issues they might be facing.

One of the main problems parents have with children nowadays is that they spend a lot of time in front of the TV, on the computer, playing video games or on their phones, and hardly any time outside socialising and exercising. Martial arts classes are physically demanding yet highly enjoyable and will encourage your child to get moving and live a healthy lifestyle away from the computer screen.

Martial arts students may find that their grades improve at school because they will have improved self discipline and self control. Nowadays children are used to getting what they want when they want with technological advancements and a more demanding society around them. A martial arts class will teach them that self-discipline is important and will give them the skills they need to restrain themselves. This will help them to keep focused in class and to appreciate the privileges they have instead of taking them for granted.

All in all, martial arts classes help children to develop good social skills, concentration skills, and to keep fit and learn to respect those in charge. Plus, they help to raise self esteem and confidence. They are full of benefits for all children and are absolutely worth looking into. If you’re interested, find out what sorts of children’s martial arts Chelmsford has to offer and see which would best suit your child.

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