How Karate Lessons Can Empower the Children

Most parents think that karate is just a form of violence and aggression. But the goal of karate is to help children develop a variety of life skills—including self-defense, self-awareness and self-discipline.

By definition, Karate means “empty hand” and was developed in Okinawa Japan. The purpose of this development was self-defense. It should be used only when the need arises to protect yourself. The reason for the specific fighting style, is to empower your size, speed and strength in the given situation.  Practicing karate enriches young minds, it teaches children not only protection and enforcement, but discipline.

Another advantage of Karate is learning respect. Karate is routed in respect, and is even extended to those that might try to hurt you. Karate builds self-confidence and rewards leadership skills. When they reach a certain point they are allowed to take control and teach the newbies. This only adds to self-confidence and developing leadership in the correct way by using the respect they were taught.

In the initial stages, the children might think they are just going to have fun and kick each other, but as the classes continue, they are going to find the deeper meaning that resides in this ancient art.

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