E-Cigs from Nirvana420

The Smooth E-Cigs from Nirvana420 are a great product at a great price. For vaping your favorite flavors or trying something new, the Smooth brand of electronic cigarette creates loads of warm vapor with flavor that really lasts. The Smooth E-Cig offers both menthol and premium tobacco flavors. The menthol flavor and the tobacco flavor E-Cigs last for several hundred puffs and taste fantastic. These disposable electronic cigarettes even have an awesome neon colored light that mimics the ember of an analog cigarette for each puff. This unique electronic cigarette is very light and fits in the palm of your hand. With just the right amount of nicotine in each puff and a great smooth taste, this product is truly among the top of its class.

Nirvana420 also offers and is the exclusive online retailer of the new Smooth E-Hooka, the nicotine-free way to vape. The tasty E-Hooka creates loads of thick vapor and is even available in six great flavors. The sample pack is also highly recommended so you can try them all! The secure online shopping cart and checkout process makes every purchase easy and safe. All of the products on the Nirvana420 website are a great buy for beginner E-Cig enthusiasts and even expert vapers.

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