Get Into Netball With GoMammoth

Netball Leauge

Netball is resurfacing as a popular alternative to going to the gym, so why not join the GoMammoth netball leagues? Originally the GoMammoth leagues started for netball in london, however they soon to be expanding across the country to Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham.

Why netball? Netball is a fun way to keep fit and also doubles up as a way to make friends or to keep in touch with friends if you are in a team together! People often think netball is not particularly energetic or taxing, however it has multiple benefits for the body such as improving cardiovascular, improving overall shape and tone and improving hand eye coordination. Netball is also a fun way of improving your running ability as often throughout the game you are running without realising it as you become engrossed in the game.

Why GoMammoth? GoMammoth is an extremely popular option for those wanting to play netball in London, as there are leagues all across the centre of London, so they are nearby to people wanting to play in their spare time. The second key reason why GoMammoth are so popular is because teams and individuals can join, so if you don’t have enough players in your team or you are not part of a team GoMammoth will try to match you up (subject to availability) to make it so that everybody can play netball in London (and soon in Cardiff and other cities)!

Also there are netball games for all ability levels from recreational to intermediate, playing at both indoor and outdoor venues so there is something to suit everyone. GoMammoth are also welcoming to complete beginners so if you haven’t played before, or can’t quite remember the rules the you are more than welcome to go and join in, just have a quick read up on the rules then the friendly umpires will help with the rest! There is also the option to choose mix league or ladies only, so if you are a lady you can choose whatever you feel most comfortable with. For those who choose to play in the mixed leagues a maximum of three men can play on the court for a team at once to keep it fair.

Finally GoMammoth is a cheap alternative to going to the gym, and most people find it to be a lot more fun than spending hours on the treadmill. Another bonus to playing on the legues are the fun prizes for those who are good enough, or lucky enough, to win their league so there’s another reason why the netball leagues are better than the gym, if you didn’t have enough already!. So with the up and coming expansion across the country to Cardiff Bristol Birmingham and Brighton, why not give it a try?

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