Summer vacation activities

It’s the first day of March and that marks the beginning of summer season. It is the most awaited time for beach lovers and the most awaited vacation time for students. But this summer my son will take a short class in music school so he will not take a full length summer vacation. How I wish that office workers like me also have summer vacation just like the students but I’m dreaming an impossible dream. Anyway, we still have the Lenten season where we can enjoy a four day rest from work.

As I’ve mentioned my son will take guitar lessons this summer. It’s our dream that both my son and daughter will serve the Lord in our church music ministry. My daughter is already part of our music team and she’s one of the keyboardists.

Recently, I’ve read about computer electronic music program called fl studio. It’s a software music production in one package, you can use it to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. I hope someday we can buy also this music software so we can produce our kid’s own music composition.

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