Smoking and its effects on weight loss

There are some women who will not stop at trying anything just to lose weight. I have friend who tried smoking because another friend gave her some Acid cigars. She later found out that it has a good effect on her because she started loosing some weight. So even though she knows the negative effect of smoking she didn’t mind at all because she’s more interested on loosing weight.

If you’re wondering how smoking can cause weight loss, here are some info:

Acording to smoking can increase your heart rate. With every cigarette smoked, the heart will beat as many as twenty times more per minute. This causes the body to burn calories faster and a subsequent increase in metabolism which prompts weight loss.

The nicotine in cigarettes can also stimulate the central nervous system in a mild way, according to a piece by Carrie Paulus at Vanderbilt University.

Smoking accelerates weight loss because of their appetite-suppressing qualities. Smokers will often smoke instead of eating a meal.

But for me, I don’t find this way of loosing weight acceptable,  because in the long run, it is only going to cost us our health.

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