Christmas Gifts You Can Skimp on For Dad

Golf Accessories

Christmas is just around the corner, but if you’re anything like me—you totally waited until the last minute to pick out a gift for your dad! It’s not like you’re doing it intentionally, it’s just so hard to pick out the perfect gift. I considered buying my dad golf clubs but figured he’d only harp on me for spending “too much” money. That’s when I opted to go for the cheap, discounted golf shoes since he’ll actually get good use out of them and it won’t break my wallet!

If you don’t want to buy your old man a pair of shoes, there are many other golf accessories he’d appreciate. Consider buying him and some of his buddies a round of golf at his favorite park. If that’s not within your budget, you can buy him a golfing glove and you can never fail with a pail of golf balls. He’ll truly consider this a gift that keeps on giving.


Ties are always another good gift to buy your dad regardless of the occasion. No matter what, he’ll end up getting use out of it and he’ll also think about you every time he wears it!

Phone Charger 

Other hot gifts for dad this holiday include tech gadgets and accessories! Find out what kind of phone charger your dad has and buy him an extra charger or car charger. You can never have a shortage of phone chargers, especially if your dad is already showing signs of old age by forgetting to charge his phone all the time!


Dads also like opening up a new box of their favorite cologne, whether it’s for their birthday, the holidays, or simply because you love him! Ask your mom what his favorite cologne is and add it to your Christmas list! If you can’t afford the bottle, ask if they have lotions or aftershave. as they sometimes are available in smaller sizes and are therefore cheaper. 

Restaurant Gift Certificate

Restaurant gift certificates never get old! You’re dad will definitely appreciate opening a card with a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. You can also buy him a gift certificate to a restaurant you both like and convince him that you should accompany him for the meal!

These are just some of the hot last minute gift ideas for dad. What last minute gift ideas do you have for the old man?  

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