Incontinence Products

Millions of people suffer from bladder control issues. The causes may vary, but the effects are the same for everyone. People who suffer from incontinence also suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment that hinder them from socializing naturally. Fortunately, there are a lot of everyday products that can help deal with bladder control problems.

ParentGiving offers reliable incontinent products ranging from absorbent pads to disposable underwear and even cleansers and creams that prevent irritations. Incontinence supplies come in many forms; it is important to choose which type of incontinence products suits the patient’s condition best.

Here are some of the vast selections of products to choose from:

Adult Diapers- Adult diapers are absorbent, low-cost, and readily available everywhere. They offer the perfect coverage and can hold up to large amounts of fluid. Adult diapers can be used for both bladder and bowel incontinence.

Kendall Wings™ Hook & Loop Adult Briefs  - KND63073

Incontinence Pads/Liners- Incontinence pads are light, convenient, and discrete. They are made of super absorbent materials and come with an adhesive strip that keeps them securely in place. Incontinence pads are ideal for adults with minor incontinence issues.

Absorbent Underwear/Pants- Incontinence undergarments are just like regular underwear- except that have focused absorbent areas. This makes them fit better and prevent leakages. There are disposable and washable types of absorbent underwear. They also come in different designs that suit the anatomy of the two sexes.

Skincare Products- Incontinence skincare products include cleaning ointments, moisturizers, and anti-fungal creams. They help prevent infections and irritations, as well as eliminate odors caused by incontinence problems.

Curad Eczema Cream - CUR015431H

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