Gangnam Style Cardio Dance Workout

The latest hot dance craze Gangnam Style by South Korean pop sensation PSY is such a big hit! This “horse riding dance” has set a new record in the Guinness World Record for “Most Likes on YouTube” with 2,141,758. The Gangnam Style fever has gripped the world.

It even made the jump to the fitness world. Fitness studios are advertising Gangnam Style inspired classes. Fitness instructors are offering cardio dance and Zumba classes featuring the dance. According to  Gothamist, the trend has spread not just around the Internet but to gyms across the country (or at least in Canada), which have begun offering classes in invisible horse-riding, with “some instructors are already offering full-fledged Gangnam Style Cardio Dance” classes.

Watch Gangnam Style Cardio Dance Workout Video:

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