Tactical boots for sports use

There are many kinds of footwear for different kinds of sports but it is the first time that i’ve learned about tactical boots for cyclists. I thought tactical boots are intended only for the military.

Anyway, i have learned that tactical boots for cycling are mostly used for touring, mountain biking, spinning or even a simple cycling on the road. Tactical boots used for cycling on the road have rigid soles having a slight bent at the ball of the foot. A cleat on the outsole was added for connecting to the pedal. While the tactical boots for mountain biking have a cleat and also studs on the sole. They were designed in such manner so that when the terrain is bad the bikers will be able to get off the vehicles and walk.

Tactical boots  for touring also have a recessed cleat similar to the mountain biking tactical boots. It also have treads which helps the user in cycling as well as walking. On the hand, the tactical boots for spinning is a combination of the characteristics of road cycling boots and touring boots. Spinning tactical boots  are typically light with a firm sole, since spinning is indoor and mostly in classroom conditions.


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