They did it!

nba finals game 2

The Miami Heat and Oklahoma Thunders are tied at 1-1 in the NBA finals game. Yesterday as I was watching the game i thought they would loose again. They made a mistake in game 1 and i thought it will happen again in their second match. In game 1 Miami Heat was ahead in score but the Thunders was able to catch up and eventually won the game. Same thing happened in game 2, fortunately luck is still on the side of Miami.

My husband is a big fan of Lebron James. He’s very affected with everything that is happening with Lebron. He feels very bad when they lost in the game and feels very happy when they are winning. That’s why everytime a match is going on, i intercede a lot for Miami, it is not really for them but for my husband because whatever feelings or emotions it brought to husband it will surely be passed on to me. In other words, i’m sort of the “shock absorber.”

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