Forward head posture

My friend will undergo spine MRI today. She asked for our prayers that the result is positive and that what’s she’s experiencing is not a serious matter. She complains of persistent back pains. Simple medication no longer helps or it gives only temporary relief. So she has decided to undergo intensive spinal cord screening.

As i see in her body posture, maybe she has a forward head posture (FHP) condition. FHP is characterized by anterior positioning of the spinal portion behind the neck. This abnormal positioning causes increasing discomfort over time as the weight of the head pulling forward causes strain to the muscles around the neck, spine and even the shoulders. It is not really a disease but it is a major postural imbalance.

What causes FHP? FHP is a very common occupational hazard. If the job requires to bend the neck and stoop forward, such as: reading or typing while looking down, gazing at a screen, looking into a microscope, performing a surgery, carrying a heavy backpack, etc., for a prolonged period, then over time FHP becomes the dominant posture. Depending on the cause of FHP, different methods of treatment are available to correct the postural imbalance.

Anyway, my friend also asked the help of our male friend to adjust the position of their tv mount so as not to aggravate her condition. She thinks it was not positioned well that she finds it difficult to watch tv for longer period of time.

I hope and pray that she will be okay and that her back pain is not really a serious health condition.

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