Turn Housechores into a Workout


For busy moms and dads who have no time to go to the gym to do some workouts and exercise, well don’t feel too bad. If you can do housework on weekends, then that’s good news. Because doing house chores can burn up calorie as well! They probably don’t seem like or qualify as a workout all on their own, but try these tips to make them a bit more like exercise:

* Vacuuming and sweeping already burn plenty of calories about 150 per hour, but pump some jams and pick up the pace to burn even more.

* Car cleaning: A little wax on, wax off plus calf raises to reach the roof and squats to shine up those rims equals a full-body sizzle session.

* Cooking: Add some glute squeezes or calf raises to chopping veggies and washing the dishes — and skip the electric mixer in favor of some bicep work.

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