Guitar Finger Exercises

A friend in our church asked for some help regarding hand exercises. He’s our guitar player in the music ministry and because he’s been playing guitar most of the time, he’s experiencing some pain in his fingers and hand. He’s one of the great guitarist in our church, he’s expert in playing fender bullet strat guitar.

To help him, i did some research on hand exercises for guitar players. He cannot play very well if his hands are not physically fit. To play the guitar well, the fingers must have strength and flexibility.

Here are some of the exercises i’ve gathered online:

Guitar Finger Exercise #1- Finger Flexion

This exercise will improve overall hand strength.

Take a tennis ball, hold it in your left hand. Squeeze and hold for the count of ten, then release. Repeat ten times, working up to three sets of 15. After each set, switch hands.

Guitar Finger Exercise #2- Finger Stretching

One example of a finger stretch is holding your hand in front of your chest with your fingers touching each other. Focus on keeping your arm still while only using your hand muscles. Slowly spread your fingers apart until you look as though you are waving to someone. Hold this open position for five seconds and then release slowly back to starting position. This exercise can be completed with both hands many times during the day.

Guitar Finger Exercise #2- Forming a Fist

Focus on improving your grip strength by making a fist with each hand. Grip is important for not only controlling the neck of your guitar, but also for holding down the strings while playing. From a seated or standing position, hold your hand in front of your chest in a neutral finger position. Next, close your hand into a fist and squeeze your hand and fingers tightly. After a brief hold, relax the grip and return to your starting position.

Before staring any exercise program, be sure to speak to a doctor for more information.

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