Juice fasting for weight loss

I’m on my 5th day of liquid and fruit fasting right now. No, i’m not actually doing it to loose weight. We just have a 7 day prayer and fasting in our Church. It’s an annual activity in our Church and we usually do it every second week of January.

I wasn’t able to get my weight before the fasting began, so i can’t exactly say how much weight i’ve already lost right now.

This kind of fasting is really hard. Without the spiritual sacrifice i may not be able to go this far.

But I learned that one of the hottest trends in the weight loss business nowadays is juice fasting. Juice fasting have become popular due to its rapid weight loss result. However, the question remains whether or not juice fasting actually works for permanent weight loss.

If you’re planning to follow this type of weight loss procedure, consult first with a physician. After you have been consulted and you know it is safe to begin, you have to prepare your physique for the juice fast by removing numerous of the unhealthy substances from your method in advance.

Remove red meat and caffeine from your diet regime as well as sugar and alcoholic beverages. Drink just healthful juices, prevent juices that have sugar added to them and drink the natural vegetable and fruit juices during the fasting periods.

Is juice fasting effective? I think it is, but it will also depend how long a person will stay in this type of weight loss procedure.

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