Swollen knee and ankle

My husband has a swollen knee and ankle because of an injury he got while playing basketball. I’m telling him to seek medical treatment but he refused. He’s really so hardheaded!  I’m afraid his condition might get worst.

Anyway i just searched for home treatment options, hopefully he will try these:

  1. Ice treatments with compression (like a tensor bandage) for 15 minutes, 4 to 6 times a day
  2. Rest – Place a small pillow under the swollen knee to ease the pain
  3. Elevation – make sure your foot is above the level of your heart when you are lying down (because this increases the venous blood flow back to the heart).
  4. Drainage – sometimes a large swelling needs to be drained with a needle and syringe because, on its own, the knee joint will rid itself of the extra fluid (especially blood) quite slowly.
  5. Take natural anti-inflammatories
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