The need to be fit and maintained

“Just like our physical body that needs to be fit and healthy, so does our car”. That’s what my husband said while we were traveling on our way to office this morning. He is so worried that our car will suddenly break down on the road because getting a roadside assistance here in our country is not as easy as in other developed countries. Well, I understand why he think and act like that because he already experienced it in the past. Because he’s not too knowledgeable on car repair or trouble shooting, he waited long hours before he was rescued.

Now that our car is again due for maintenance he told me to set aside a budget for it. As much as possible he wants to avoid getting another car problem and trouble on the road. To appease him, I told him I already did and he can already bring the car to a car shop for check-up and maintenance. I saw the smile on his face after hearing what I said. ^_^

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