Unintentional weight loss

I met my friend the other day and I was very surprised to see her because she really loses a lot of weight. I asked her what’s her secret or what she did to lose weight so fast and she told me nothing. I can’t believe her so I tried so hard to convince her to tell me. She really wants to keep it a secret because she’s ashamed to let me and other people know the real reason. Anyway I was able to persuade her so she told me that it is because of financial problem that caused her to loose such weight. There are times she skips meals because of lack of money to buy food. It was also caused by too much stress and depression.

I told her to undergo debt counseling, it could help her overcome her financial problem. Through counseling she can be able to handle her difficult situation in paying debts and how to get over it.

I invite her to our church as well, i think aside from debt counselling she also need spiritual guidance to build her faith and relationship with God.

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