An investment for myself

I’m thinking of buying fitness essentials for myself this time. I already bought fitness¬†equipment¬†before but those are for my husband. I cannot use them since they are exercise equipment for men only. I’m talking about barbell, dumb bell and a push up machine which are too heavy to be used by women.

I’ve noticed recently that I already need to invest in fitness equipments so I could do exercise while at home. I have no time to go to fitness gym most of the time. When I look at my list of expenses, I saw that I’m always spending some money for our car maintenance because we want it always to be in good condition. Then i realized I must also be spending some money for my health and body. Like our vehicles which are needed to be maintained wherein we provide car or Trucking essentials when needed, it is also the same with our body. So now I’m gonna scour the net to look for cheap fitness tools and equipments for women.

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