OFWs in Bahrain, Kuwait get ready for Azkals

OFWs in Bahrain and Kuwait have gathered together to support the Philippine team- Azkals. According to news, The Facebook group Azkals in Bahrain has been coordinating their preparations on Facebook and through text messages.

The first friendly match of the Azkals with Bahrain’s Under-23 olympic team will be on July 16 at the National Stadium in Rifa while Game 2 will be two days later at the Muharraq Club Stadium in Arad. Both matches are under the auspices of the Bahrain Football Association. The AMA University International Bahrain is listed as a major sponsor of the friendlies. Tickets to the games are priced at one Bahraini dinar or P114.

Over in Kuwait, northwest of Bahrain, Filipino expats there have set-up Facebook groups and event pages to coordinate their preparations and share information about the Azkals. Tickets to the World Cup Qualifier Round 2 match will be sold at two, three and five Kuwaiti dinars or P311, P467 and P770. Some of the tickets will be available at various Filipino restaurants and stores in Kuwait City.

The team is winding up its training sessions in Manila and will head out to the Middle East Thursday while the global football community keeps an eye on the Azkals’ historic series of wins.

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