Trendy and fashionable sunglasses

Today athletes choose sunglasses that can be considered as a fashion statement. They want sunglasses that can protect them from the suns rays and dust particles and are also used as a style statement.  So a fashionable and trendy look is also as important as the functionality of the sunglasses.

Nowadays there are different types, shades and variety of colors of sunglasses. The 9 most popular styles of sunglasses are: glacier sunglasses, shutter shades, faded or graduated style of sunglasses, wayfarers style, teashades style of sunglasses, Onassis style of sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, mirrorshades sunglasses, and the ever popular oversized sunglasses.

The market is flooded with sports sunglasses that claim to be authentic sports sunglasses and trying to lure the customers. It is really quite difficult to differentiate the authentic from the cheap one so one must opt for branded sports sunglasses to be sure of the quality, comfort, durability and optimum functionality.

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