A gym in my house

Last night our friend invited us to a dinner to celebrate her birthday, while waiting for the other visitors I asked my friend to show me their newly renovated house. An old house converted to modern style, I must say the architect really did a good work. Interior design is also great.

Because my friend is health and fitness conscious she set up a small gym in one room. There are several fitness equipments for cardio exercises and muscle building. I thought of myself that if given the chance someday I will also set up my own gym in our house.

I believe my dream house will come true in the future. I keep telling my kids to study hard so they could land a job that will make them financially well off. Anyway, just one more year in high school and my daughter will be in college already. Speaking of my daughter, she’s looking for high school rings for her graduating friends this April. She asked for my help so I’ll be scouring the net today. This is for now.

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