Emergency preparedness

Are you always prepared in case a disaster strikes in your place? Well, most of us here in our country have learned a great lesson when typhoon Ondoy strikes. Many were caught unprepared that’s why it was so devastating especially to those who not just lost their properties but their loved ones as well. Because of that, we became aware and more conscious in our surroundings especially when there are typhoons coming.

To be prepared in any physical catastrophe which include hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, flood, and domestic war one thing that people should pay attention is about long term food storage. Food is very important for survival.

You can either do it yourself or get the services of a “food insurance” type of company. Yes, there are companies nowadays that offer this service, you will be provided with pre-packed foods at reasonable prices. Since this service is not yet available in our country I must learn how to store food for long period to be prepared from any natural calamities that we may face anytime.

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