I lost some pounds

In my recent post I mentioned about my persistent cough, and guess what? Somehow it did something good on me because I loose some weight. Well, it’s simply because I cannot eat the way I used to, it’s like I lost a little bit of appetite. Just last week I’ve been asking my friend about the best diet pills that work because I really wanted to loose weight without me knowing that i’m already loosing some weight. However, i’m not really happy at all. Though I lost some pounds, I still have this hate feeling because my cough is really irritating.

Anyway, last Saturday i already consulted a doctor and he said I have ¬†Allergic pharyngitis, he asked me to take Cefalexin, Celestamine and Strepsils for sore throat. As of now I’m still observing if my condition is improving. I still experience continuous coughing all through the day. Hayy..

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