Portable pull-up bar

For those of you that wish to workout at home for the comfort and convenience should take in some type of pull-up bar to use. This is one of the best workouts we can do, particularly for the back, shoulders arms. If you do not have any bar at present you should look into having one of the numerous portable bars that are out there.

Your options would be the doorway pull-up bars, the type that you can bolt to the wall or ceiling joists. Making your own pull up bar would turn good if you’ve been in a permanent location but if you travel a portable pull-up bar is better.

If you would rather have a pull-up bar outside look into out one of those stand alone types of systems that you can place together and set-apart for going around. The only problem with these is they might be a little unstable if somebody is kipping hard to pull themselves up. A pair off people bracing it can help.

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