Finding Your Perfect Laptop

It gets really exciting when you get to buy and choose your very own laptop. Why, it is definitely one of the most awesome machines in the world! You can play music, watch movies, play the hottest games, edit videos, surf the net, do your paperwork anywhere, and Skype the whole planet.

Of course the best laptop for you would greatly depend on the things you are going to use it for. You should consider the size, the weight, the storage and other specifications of the machine depending on your needs.  Video editing for example, should require a larger RAM, fine graphic cards, and more powerful processor than the basic typing and office jobs.  Therefore a videographer should opt for laptops with 4GB-8GB of RAM, 320GB or larger 7,200rpm hard disk drive, and a 17-inch or larger display while a laptop with at least 2GB of RAM, 250GB or larger HDD, and a 14- to 16-inch display should be fine for the home, office and the academe users.  Moreover, people like journalists and businessmen who often travel because of business should choose lighter yet sturdier units and gamers, the most fervent computer users today, would find separate graphic processor units and large displays optimum for their type of use.

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