Growing Hoodia Gordonii at home

Yesterday I learned about the plant Hoodia Gordonii, this plant has become popular because of its medicinal properties and most of all in its function as a weight loss supplement. Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus plant with beautiful flowers, a native to Africa which is now used for appetite suppression. It becomes popular because it’s natural and proven effective.

There are others who prefer growing this plant rather than buying it in processed form. Growing Hoodia Gordonii at home is quite easy, when you have the seeds all you have to do is plant them in about 0.5 cm deep in compost or any type of potting or garden soil. Keep them in bright light as they grow. Don’t water them too much because this will cause the seeds to rot and die. It doesn’t require much maintenance and care. When you have decided to place the cactus outside, just place it next to a larger plant that will block the elements of wind and rain.

Growing Hoodia Gordonii at home is rewarding and you can save money since buying Hoodia Gordonii can be somewhat expensive.

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