F is for Fashion and F is for Fedora Hats

Fedora hats evince high fashion. Together with signatured clothing and accessories, celebrities and fashion icons wear fedora hats. We often see this on televised shows or music videos. It is also an apparel worn by women or models for magazines or on the runway. Fedora hats are also popular costume accouterment for parties whose theme requires those fashion style of the 1930s. Other themes also includes those that look like mafias and detectives or a hip party.

There are many types of Fedoras Hats. One example is the straw fedora which is made of felt. It is made with different hues. The common colors are black, white, gray, and brown. For a more womanly look, other colors such as pink and purple are also available. Other types of fedora hats but not so common are the ones made of velour, wool, and plastic which gives a shiny effect.

If you will notice, a lot of fedora hats have a band around it. Usually, the band is of different color from the hat. The material is also different. The commonly used material for the band is satin. Other manufacturers add buttons, feathers, and even gems. Fedora hats can be stored any time since it is easily folded. Because of this trait, fedora hats can be folded or tilted in ways you want to have a creative look.

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