The Cause of Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is commonly caused by a single source, and that is asbestos exposure. It was reported that asbestos caused almost 80% of the mesothelioma cases (reported by the National Cancer Institute). Asbestos is a well known material for commercial buildings, houses, and industrial plant construction and insulation. But, with mesothelioma lawsuit, majority of asbestos companies went bankrupted. Asbestos was proven as a carcinogen by 1985. It was because of the denials made by asbestos companies back to back with suspicions of medical communities for fifty years or more.

As mentioned above, asbestos is used in the production of roofings, floorings, ceilings, plasters, all kinds of insulation, and other construction materials. Most probably, power and industrial plants have pipes and tanks insulated with asbestos.

Asbestos is fibrous is nature. When disturbed, it releases fibers onto the air. This can be breathed in by workers such as crew men for ships, carpenters, construction workers, miners, auto mechanics, and workers for oil, power, and chemical plants just to name a few. Of course, family members are affected for asbestos fibers are being attached to these workers’ shoes and clothes.

Other causes of Mesothelioma cancer are just speculations. These includes vulnerability to zeolite or a virus from a Simian monkey. Vulnerability of a person to radiation may also develop into mesothelioma cancer.

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