Start the New Year right

How is your New Year celebration? Are you one of those people who tried to eat as much as you can during the holidays? And now you are facing a big problem on how to loose weight fast! As for me, I already have plans about my diet. Since we are going to have a 7-day fasting and prayer in our church, I will start from there. Once we are done with our fasting I will just continue with what I have started to keep loosing weight and maintain the body i wanted.

Anyway, for this year aside from my diet plan we also have other plans for the entire family. First, we want our house to be renovated. We are planning to add one more bedroom, to relocate our bathroom, and retiled our kitchen counter. I also want to use Blanco sinks this time for our kitchen and bathroom sinks. We know this will cost a lot of money and we’re still lacking funds but by faith, we want to believe that God will provide everything. This year we’re claiming and expecting miracles in our lives. Blessings will pour in as we serve and continue to be faithful. We will start our New Year right.

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