Brisk walking or jogging?

Which one is considered as the best exercise, walking or jogging? Both brisk walking and jogging have their share of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re aim is to lose weight fast, jogging is considered as the best exercise. With jogging you will burn more calories so for overweight people they should opt for jogging, rather than brisk walking. For people who want an exercise to remain healthy and maintain a proper weight, they can choose either brisk walking exercise or jogging.

In our family, it’s my husband alone who practices regular exercise because he plays basketball everyday so his body stays fit. While me and my two kids are getting bigger and fatter each day because we have no exercise at all, so I told my two kids that we should have our own fitness plan as well. However, I wonder how we could accomplish our fitness plan, my kids are so addicted to computer games so pushing them to play outside and exercise is big challenge for me. At the same time, i can only do light exercises because I cannot endure long hours of standing and walking. If only I have a better prosthesis leg maybe I can do brisk walking which I think is just the right exercise for me.

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