Tips on Loosing Belly Fats

bellySo after eating an eating for so many years without any exercise, you are finally on road to lose belly fat. Better late than never to start a good lifestyle as being obese not only causes health threats but also makes us emotionally week. Obese people would not feel very comfortable in group in fit and slim people. A strategy has to be followed in order to <. Most important are diet and exercise.
Diet you are taking must be Fat burner; most effective being Low-carbohydrate diet if you wish to shed pounds of belly fat. Few days required to flip the metabolic switch and then your body becomes fat-burning machine. Low-fat diets burn mixture of fat and muscle tissue decreasing the metabolism of our body. That is why low-fat diets produce temporary results and then it stops working and weight again adds us after you come on normal diet.

Loads of cardio-vascular exercises also produce temporary results. Body comes back to previous shape when you stop exercising. So it is important to understand fat burning nutritional diet along with fat-burning exercises. Known as ‘High Intensity Interval Training’, cardio includes ‘fits and starts’ for lower intensity period and then higher intensity period. There is the best way to lose belly fat fast, you just have to exercise. Research has proved that using this way we can reduce more by about 50%. Research also proves that HIIT produce better fat loss in belly area as compared to other parts of body. HIIT needs to be done only for 10-20 minutes/ day. BTW there is a great diet program out there, that will show you how to eat healthy to lose weight fast and it is called the diet solution. Many fat people have fatty belly area and It is really very tough to get rid of belly fat. Lot of hard work must be done in order to lose belly fat. Here I am listing some tips on How to loose belly fat and get you a flat stomach:

1) Exercise daily preferably in early morning: you may start with Jogging or brisk walking for approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour before breakfast. Exercise done early morning keeps us active for complete day and is certainly one of most wonderful way to lose belly fat.

2) Alcohol must be avoided as it contains lots of calories (7 calories/ gram). Alcohol also impacts body sugar levels, and would greatly help your effort to reduce/ lose belly fat.

3) Avoiding junk food can be an effective way to lose body fat. Eating junk food is a primary reason that many people develop lot of fat and then look for tips to lose belly fat. One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to use the truth about the six pack abs system. Junk food increases appetites thus making us eat more than required. It is unhealthy and fattening food that further result in more fat gain especially around your stomach.

4) Drinking lots and lots of water also help in losing water weight and lose belly weight.

5) High stress levels causes production of hormone called ‘cortisol’ in our body. This hormone has tendency to raise body weight, so get started with relaxation exercises immediately.

6) Eating balanced diet and avoid foods with high sugar/ caffeine level. Foods rich in nutrients/ fiber must be increased in our diets like fresh vegetables/ fruits/ oatmeal/ whole grain etc. Healthy foods maintain insulin levels and control blood sugar levels. Hunger is also controlled which means you can lose belly fat quite quickly.

7) Getting sufficient sleep is also mandatory. When we feel tired, our tendency to eating increases leading to overeating and thus developing belly fat. Getting adequate sleep would help avoid overeating and may help to lose belly fat. Good sleep would also ensure staying more active during daytime giving you chance to burn more fat and lose belly weight by being more energetic.

If you are looking for tips on how toloose belly fat and you are scanning internet for that; you might come across various sites promoting one or the other kind of belt that would help you lose belly weight at comfort of your sofa/ bed while you are enjoying your favorite TV program, please be aware that this is totally stupid thing to be done. It is not at all recommended and even if you notice any results, those would be temporary. Best way is to go slow and steady rather than any crash course program to lose belly fat. Also it is not recommended to go on any kind of crash diets like grapefruit diet or soup diet. These diet programs promise to give results, but the day you come back to normal food, fat would again start piling up on your tummy and moreover they decrease your metabolism to a bad extent. Correct idea is to eat balance diet and not to starve your self at all.

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