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People often don’t succeed in losing weight permanently because they want it to happen yesterday. To keep weight off indefinitely we need to let our body do it naturally.

Loosing weight does not get any easier than this. Are you tired of all the weight loss options that just don’t work?

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If you really eat the right foods your energy levels will skyrocket and your waistline will shorten! Your food is what is used to form all the cells in your body. When you eat good food your cells are good. When you eat bad food your cells are not healthy. This is a very simple concept that many people have ignored their ENTIRE LIFE!

There is a great deal of hype about ways of loosing weight quickly. But there are only few ways which are correct and do not harm the body. Though there are various kinds of ‘improved’ diets which claim to have the right mix of physical exercises along with specific calorie intake for you to lose weight only very few are actually true. Most of these other diets are non affective in the long run and make you put on more weight instead of loosing weight. They also cause injury to the body and various other kinds of ailments also.

My original intention centered on introducing my approach to weight loss by focusing on the all-important emotional aspects that others in the field do not typically address. Having discussed topics like longevity consistency hunger and slippage I did not find it surprising when a growing number of readers began to request information about the basics of getting started. ‘What should I eat?

It is a wonderful moment in the life of a woman when she discovers that she is going to be a mother. Mingled with feelings of excitement and anticipation are twinges of doubt that the coming baby will mean a complete change in her appearance and lifestyle. Often women complain of weight increase after pregnancy which never tends to shed. This is untrue. Pregnancy weight can also be shed provided we take good care of ourselves. The maximum a woman should gain during pregnancy is 10-12kgs.

When you have a lot of weight to lose it’s easy to believe that your only battle is with fat. But often your greatest enemy is fear and self-doubt.

Belly fat is linked to various diseases like cancer diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The invisible deep layer of fat or the visceral fat possesses health risks.

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