Cellulite Excercise – Why Exercise is the Perfect Cellulite Cure

Cellulite Excercise

If you struggle with cellulite, you aren’t alone. Many people are in the same boat. It can really make you stressed. In fact, you’d probably do anything to find a cellulite cure, maybe even try sucking it out with liposuction. That’s not the best solution, though. Here are some reasons why exercise is a much better cellulite buster.

Liposuction Can’t Remove Cellulite

Liposuction works wonderfully, as far as sucking fat out of a person’s body. That’s what it’s designed to do. The problem occurs when people assume that regular fat and cellulite are the same thing, though.

When you get cellulite, your skin takes on a cottage cheese-like appearance. It’s that dimpled look that everyone hates. That’s what cellulite is. It’s more of a skin problem than it is an internal issue.

Since cellulite is a skin issue, sucking fat out of your body with liposuction can actually make it worse. That’s because taking that fat out can make your skin sag, wrinkle and dimple more. In other words, it leads to more prominent cellulite problems, rather than curing it. Cellulite Excercise

Instead, Try A Cellulite Exercise Routine

To really reduce your cellulite problem, you need to recognize that cellulite is a sort of fat and fat is a sort of energy. The body burns that energy as fuel to accomplish daily tasks. You have to use that to your advantage, if you want to reduce cellulite.

In the hierarchy of fat storage, cellulite is low man on the totem pole. In other words, when the body needs fuel, it looks to other fat stores long before it bothers with fat stores near the skin. That means that it can be difficult to get rid of cellulite, even in the best of circumstances. Often, though, circumstances aren’t that great. In fact, many people’s bodies keep packing on fat and don’t eat into any fat stores at all.

When you get your body moving by exercising regularly, you encourage fat burning. Yes, the body will tap into other fat stores before cellulite stores, but it will eventually get there. So, you can deplete cellulite stores and, at the same time, increase your over all energy and feel much better about yourself.

When you plan to exercise to remove cellulite, just remember to look at it as a full-body thing. You shouldn’t focus too much on any one muscle group or “problem area”. Instead, you need to vary your exercise routines throughout the week. Be sure to get in an appropriate mix of cardio exercises, strength training and muscle toning exercises and you should fine a big improvement, as far as cellulite goes. Cellulite Excercise

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