Stretching For Swimmers – 4 Warm-up Excercises Every Swimmer Must Know

Have you ever had a really good training session and then the next day you feel sluggish and slow? This happens all the time to swimmers who train consecutively for a number of days. There is something you can do to minimise the impact this has on your training. The answer? Pre-training warm-up exercises. If you’re wondering how to swim fast everyday, do these pre-training exercises.

1. Arm swings – The simplest and most common warm-up excercise for swimmers is the most important one you can do. 10 forward swings, 10 backward swings and 10 opposite direction swings will do it.

2. Hand slaps – Hold both arms straight out in front and swing one arm out to the side and then bring it back in front of you and slap your other hand to start it swinging out to the side. Have you seen Michael Phelps stand on the blocks and swing his arms behind his back? This warm-up exercise will really help you swim in the water. 10 hands slaps will do it.

3. Lunges – Walking lunges help warm up the legs for swimming, and help particularly with freestyle and freestyle turns. Keep your hips forward and put pressure on the heel and not your toes.

4. Jump starts – Squat down with your hands in between your legs, and in your head say “Take your marks. Go” and on “Go” jump up to the sky in a streamline position. Practice 5 of these, working on jumping as high as you can.

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