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School PE Sports Equipment.

PE the great way of learning….

school sports equipment for all levels, Physical education provides children with learning opportunities through the medium of movement and contributes to their overall development by helping them to lead complete, active and healthy lives.

Physical education is distinguished from other curricular areas by its primary focus on the body and on physical experience and is an integral part of the educational process, without which the education of the child is incomplete. Through a diverse range of experiences providing regular, challenging physical activity, the balanced and harmonious development and general well-being of the child is fostered.

Physical education meets the physical needs of the child and the need for movement experiences, challenges and play to let them learn new activities. It develops a desire for daily physical activity and encourages constructive use of free time and participation in physical activities in adult life, as this helps the stressful life that an adult has. To fulfill these needs, physical education is built on the principles of variety and diversity, not of specialisation. It provides a wide variety of movement activities appropriate to the level of development of the child while learning.

Through physical education the child can experience the happiness of physical exertion and the satisfaction of achievement while developing skills and positive attitudes that enhance self-esteem of each child. Physical education provides opportunities to develop desirable personal and social attributes, the concept of fair play, the acceptance of success and failure, and the ability to co-operate in group situations. These opportunities contribute to the understanding and promotion of a healthy life-style to all participants. Physical education, as an integral part of the total curriculum indoor & outdoor, provides vital opportunities for the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the children in all levels and ages.

The activities that include in the current Irish School PE curriculum:

Athletics ( Javelin, Shot Putt, Hammer Throw,)
Badminton ( Rackets, Shuttlecocks , Badminton posts & net)
Basketball ( Indoor & Outdoor Basketball, Basketball Ring & Backboards )
Football ( Footballs, football Goals & Back nets)
GAA Games ( GAA footballs, Hurling Sticks & Sliothars)
Gymnastics ( benches, Vault Box, & Spring Boards)
Netball ( Netball, Netball Ring & Bib)
Rugby ( Rugby Balls, Tag Rugby for less contact)
Table Tennis Table ( Table, Bats & Balls)
Tennis ( Rackets, Balls, Tennis Posts)
Volleyball ( Volleyballs, Volleyball Posts & Net)

If you have this in your school your only 1 step away from learning new activities…

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