Six Pack Abs – Top 3 Tips


These are my top three tips for getting ripped six pack abs. By using the following pointers you will be reducing hours of exercising at the gym, many hundreds of dollars spent on worthless ab muscle equipment plus saving yourself heartache from exercising too hard then getting barely any results. You’ll be so proud of youself and others will be jealous of your physique, plus you’ll get second looks from the girls. But, Gals, don’t let the words six pack abs deter you because you don’t have to have a body builder’s abs. You can just aim for that toned waistline, looking sexy in a bikini. ‘Skinny fat’ can look unhealthy. You are going to be feeling fit, healthy and sexy.

The Most Important Factor is Diet


Why do I say this? Because there is no point exercising many hours in developing your ab muscles when you collect that nice layer of blubber to hide them. Your effort would be useless.

The major principle is if you eat more calories thanyou burn up, those calories will deposit as body fat. Therefore be aware of roughly the amount your foods are worth in calories. Although that does not mean steer clear of all fats because fats are needed by our bodies to perform vital functions. Just choose to eat good fats like avocados rather than bacon with your salad. Following this major rule can help you on your way. There are more dieting hints available that can help refine and enhance your abs that tiny bit extra. But for the most part, have a good diet and eat less calories.

Never Overdo Your Abdominal Exercises


Doing too much abdominal workouts is causing more damage than good. Doing numerous repetitions of crunches is going to overdevelop your abs making them bulge as well as making you look overweight. Plus, doing the wrong exercises are going to make it worse.

Repeating standard sit ups for half an hour won’t get you that six pack because after a particular point, they do not give a lot of resistance. Your efforts might be better spent performing full body or core body physical exercises that raise your metabolism so as to reduce body fat levels. Additionally keep away from harmful exercises, like the straight legged sit-up which often lead to back injuries. Abdominal training exercises need only be limited to 5-10 minutes.

Focus On Weight Training Not Cardio


Lots of people use aerobic training whilst doing a few weight training exercises for a few small muscle groups like biceps or shoulders. Your focus should be on mainly weight training routines because developing muscles raises your metabolic rate that often persist for days following the actual exercise.

No doubt you will be out of breath performing aerobic exercise, but they do not tone muscles. Instead choose to do weight training using the proper kind of routines which involve multi-joints and large range of movements to increase fat burning rate. Examples include squats and deadlifts. Doing these kinds of exercises three to four times a week will keep your metabolic rate high burning body fat. However don’t work out for over 60 minutes each session or else your muscles may start breaking down.

Following these 3 hints should lead you on your path to getting your six pack abs. They’ll allow you to save money, effort and time as well as put you on the right path. Note, diet is more important than the work outs. If you’re not gonna do exercises at the very least do the diet which means you’ll lose body fat and look leaner. Although doing the proper workouts will enhance your muscles so that you’ll get those six pack abs.

Obviously these tips and hints are simply the introduction. Your entire regime toward achieving those six pack abs will include a complete exercise plan together with recommended exercises and menus for the correct diet plan. Thankfully, this has been developed by certified nutrition specialists and personal trainers.

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