Secrets to carve those six pack abs

Watch your diet – Protein rich diet is highly recommended. The amino acids contained in these diets interact with several non-essential amino acids present in your body to encourage muscle growth. Water intake should be around three gallons everyday, says Kerry Dulin, a famous bodybuilder. This keeps your body hydrated, flushes out toxins and also keeps a check on your calorie consumption. Give up processed white flour carbohydrates and switch over to whole grain carbohydrates, like vegetables, whole-grain bread and fruits that are high in fiber.

Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises – Apart from eating right, this needs to be combined with cardiovascular exercises like cycling, dancing, walking or running. This helps you burn calories and train your muscles well. Fat accumulated over the muscles can be shed with aerobic exercises.

Smarter workouts –There is no need for you to workout your abdominal more than other group of muscles. This is an unnecessary waste of your time and energy. Abdominal muscles comprise in three layers – transversus abdominis is the deepest layer, followed by rectus abdominis in the middle and the one near the surface are external and internal obliques. According to Rich Weil, a famous Exercise Physiologist, abdominals also need a similar amount of training as you would do for any other body part. So, if you do not do 40 biceps curls, you also need not do 40 abdominal crunches either. The key lies in working out smartly by isolating the muscles you are trying to rip.

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These are the three primary tips that you need not overlook if you are really serious about getting the six pack abs.

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