Lower Ab Workouts For Killer Six Pack Abs

Developing a good lower ab workout is crucial to your success if you want to develop six pack abs because the abdomen is one of the most difficult parts of the body to shape and tone. This part of the human body is also often referred to as the belly, tummy, abdominals, abs or the midriff. Although many people aim to lose their belly fat to look good, it’s also important to lose this because of a strong correlation between being over weight and cardiovascular disease and health problems.

Still, many men and women are motivated to improve their abdominals because they want to look lean, sexy and “washboard abs” look. Unfortunately, in many abdominal exercises, the lower abdomen is often forgotten. The lower abdomen is an extension of what is commonly known as the “six-pack” and is attached to the bones at the pelvis and hips. Regularly working the abdominals is very important because those muscles are vital for spinal stability and injury prevention, especially for the back.

Not all ab exercises effectively incorporate some form workout that will effectively target all the muscles in your abdomen. Some common exercises that are considered good workouts for the lower abdominals are pelvic tilts and reverse curls.

If you’re thinking of trying out other kinds of exercises for the stomach below are some things you’d want to keep in mind to make sure that you’re also getting a good workout.

Lower back – First of all, no abdominal exercise should make your back hurt. Any abdominal exercise is supposed to make your stomach muscles work. Pain in your back means that your stomach muscles aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. Either you’re doing the exercise incorrectly which means you have to check your form and execution, or your stomach muscles just aren’t strong enough to perform the exercise. If weak abdominals is the problem then the only solution is to try an easier ab workout first to strengthen them first.

Lower abdomen – When doing exercises that is targeted at developing your lower abs then they should be doing most of the work. Try to feel your muscles while doing the exercise, you should feel your lower abdomen working the most. If not, then it means that either you’re doing the exercise incorrectly or that your abdominal muscles are already tired which is a signal for you to stop and rest.

Execution – When executing any kind of workout to strengthen the stomach remember to perform it in a slow and controlled manner and to avoid jerky, uncontrolled movements. Also by performing the workout in a slow and controlled manner ensures that you use the correct muscles for the exercise. Also keep in mind that the quality of each repetition is more important than the number of repetitions that you make.

Breathing – Breathing properly is very important, not just when doing a lower ab workout, but all throughout the day as well. Proper breathing will help your muscles to work more efficiently.

Endurance – The lower abdominal muscles are for posture and stabilization. They aren’t meant for strength, so train them for endurance and not for strength.

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