Guaranteed 50 lbs to Your Bench Press. Blast Your Bench and Critical Bench Programs – Do They Work?

With the exception of taxes and death, nothing in life is guaranteed, right? But when it comes to your bench press strength, there are two bench press workouts that claim you will add 50 lbs to your bench press within weeks. Guaranteed. The first one is boldly called Blast Your Bench, the second one calls itself Critical Bench. Let’s have a closer look at both of them.

1. Blast Your Bench
The name for this routine is actually very appropriate. The core of the workout is, you guessed it, bench press. But there’s much more than that. Naturally, bench press takes priority, but this truly is a full-blown hard core routine that will strengthen your whole body in the process.

The routine consists of series of 3-week mini bench press workouts, culminating into 1 rep max test. But unlike other routines, Blast Your Bench requires a lot of dedication to complete it. The frequency of the trainings is super high, in fact, you are required to workout every day, or at least 6 days a week. This is a very unusual approach, considering that most routines want you to workout 4-5 days a week max.

Despite of the high frequency, the over-training is not a problem because the workouts are quite short, giving both your body and your mind enough time to recover. This is not a new concept, in fact, this was very successfully used by Eastern Europeans weight lifters for decades. However, Blast Your Bench incorporates new scientific methods, techniques and diet to bring this system up to date and to increase its effectiveness.  

The program is very detailed, giving you to follow complete bench press workouts, diet, supplemental exercises… You will be lead step by step through the whole routine, thus eliminating any guesswork and confusion.

2. Critical Bench
Critical Bench program has been around for some time now, and was successfully tested and implemented by thousands of lifters. Unlike Blast Your Bench, this routine is more ‘classic’, meaning you follow a fairly typical routine of heavy weights, low reps and medium training frequency.

The core element why this workout works wonder is the personalization of the program you receive upon signing up. After answering a few questions about your bench press strength, current diet, body type and similar easy to answer questions, you will be given a complete bench press workout program, specifically modified for you. This is as close as it gets to having a personal trainer without paying for one.

Just like with Blast Your Bench program, Critical Bench holds you by your hand all the way to the end of the routine, giving you all details you need to complete the workout without guessing what to do next.

Both Blast Your Bench and Critical Bench offer time-tested bench press workouts that, if followed, will indeed add 50 lbs to your bench press in a matter of weeks. Both workouts require a complete dedication, not just in the gym, but outside of it too. Also, you need to be mentally prepared or you will fail within first cycle. That is true especially with Blast Your Bench, which will test your dedication more than anything you have tried so far. If you are a complete beginner or can’t dedicate enough time and effort to your bench press workouts, you should probably stay away, as you are not yet ready for neither of them. If, however, you are tired of not getting the results you desire, give these workouts a go. They do work!

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There’s much more to effective bench press routine. Don’t be stuck in the rut. Try the amazing, hard-core Blast Your Bench program, or the time-tested Critical Bench program. Not Sure which one to choose? Read my side-by-side review of both these great raw bench press workouts.
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