Skinny To Muscle Diet – Simple 7 Day Skinny Guy Muscle Workout

Skinny To Muscle Diet

Turning your skinny body into a sculptured muscle figure is very achievable if you dedicate yourself to some basic muscle building steps. One of the main steps in gaining muscle mass is how you workout. Below, I have outlined a simple 7 day workout plan that you can start today. This workout assumes you are past the hurt stage, and are now ready to hit the weights hard.

DAY 1 – You are going to focus on your chest, triceps and stomach muscles. When you workout your chest, you also use your triceps. This is a great way to really hit these muscle groups together. Keep it simple, use the bench press for your chest and cable push downs for your triceps. Use heavy weight and do 3 sets of 10. At the end of your workout do 3 sets of sit ups for your stomach muscles until failure. You should feel them burn.

DAY 2 – Rest. Resting is just as important as lifting. Make sure you’re diet is a good muscle diet full of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Drink your muscle gainer shakes too.

DAY 3 – Today you will do shoulders, back, biceps, and stomach again. Do military press and lateral raises for your shoulders. For your back muscles, use the lateral pull down machine. Biceps are best worked out with the barbell and dumbbells. Again, use heavy weight and do 3 sets of 10 to failure. Finish with your 3 sets to failure for your stomach. Skinny To Muscle Diet

DAY 4 – Rest again and eat, eat and eat.

DAY 5 – You can’t forget about your legs. Today is leg day. Use squats as your main exercise, however, if you have a bad back you can use the leg press machine. Also, do leg extensions and leg curls, using the machines. Perform 3 sets of 10 to failure. Pushing the muscle to failure is very important. This will force your muscle cells to have to adapt to the resistance. Keep increasing the weight as you get stronger and bigger.

DAY 6 – Rest again and eat, eat and eat.

DAY 7 – Today you can either rest again or start over with day one. If you pushed yourself during the week, you may need another rest day. If you feel good and strong, go ahead and start with day one again.

This 7 day “skinny guy workout” is a good one that works. The key is to keep doing your workouts, eat a good muscle diet full of calories, and make sure you rest so your muscles can repair and grow bigger. This process will give you the results you’re looking for. Skinny To Muscle Diet

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