Maximizing Your Muscle Gain Workout For Better Results

You get a protein (and it’s best to have a whey protein, the best type is a whey protein isolate-a whey isolate), and the best time to drink your protein is in between fifteen and forty-five minutes after your workout-as soon as possible after your workout.

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And that’s due to the fact your muscles are so drained of energy, that they have to have not only the carbs as well as the energy to get back in the strength, but also they need to have the protein, the amino acids to begin building and repairing the muscles so that your workouts truly count towards strengthening those muscles.

The protein drink that I recommend-and a lot of them will work as long as they have the amino acids, the carbohydrates, and as long as they have the whey protein, I recommend whey protein isolate, not a concentrate, a whey protein isolate-is Cydogainer. Directly after my workout, I’ll drink a Cydogainer.

I have a really high metabolism, so I’ll occasionally I’ll mix up some oatmeal in the blender, and I’ll grind it up real fine like powder and add it to my shake. It just makes it that that many more carbohydrates. So, that’s something it is possible to do. I definitely recommend grinding the protein, the oatmeal before you put it in. Simply because should you don’t, it gets kind of grainy, and it’s not as excellent.

So, if you are looking to maximize your workout, get yourself a protein drink. Have it directly right after your workout. If you are looking to genuinely build some muscle, drink your protein shake in the morning, at night, and right after your workout-so three times a day, at least. And, if you’re truly looking to put on some weight, you’ll be able to do it along with eating a balanced diet.

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