Slowpitch Softball Workout Program – Maximizing Game Day Bat Speed

Slowpitch Softball Workout Program

If you’re a hitter – baseball, slow pitch, or fastpitch softball, you’ll definitely find this to your liking!

I’m a big proponent of appropriate strength & conditioning
as a way of increasing GAME TIME performance. This includes generating maximal bat speed. Unfortunately, science says what most of you are doing in the on-deck circle just prior to stepping to the plate is hindering your bat speed and quickness right when you need it most.

What are most of you doing in the on-deck circle? Swinging some type of heavy implement. Why is this wrong? I’ve summarized below the results of a study done in 1991 by Dr. Coop Derenne of the University of Hawaii-Hilo. Results are ranked fastest to slowest by implement used. Bat velocity was measured by use of a photosensing computer timer. Players were college age; game bat weight was 30 oz: Slowpitch Softball Workout Program

1) Wooden overloaded bat (34 oz)

2) 27 oz underloaded bat

3) Standard 30 oz game bat

4) 25 oz underloaded batv
5) Power swing (adds 32 oz to bat)

6) 23 oz underloaded batv
7) Donut ring (adds 28 oz to bat) Slowpitch Softball Workout Program

Notice that the WORST item was the standard heavy batting donut. Also, using UNDERload (light) bats produced better readings than heavier implements. Just swinging your game bat with no weight attached produced better readings than any of the heavier tools!

The question you may be asking is WHY? Why, when you grab two or
three bats or another heavy device, swing them vigorously, then grab your game bat (which now feels light as a feather) does this slow you down? You feel so much faster with your game bat after this, don’t you?

What happens is simple fatigue of the fast twitch muscles you’re depending on to perform at your best. At an imperceptible, neuromuscular level, all of this heavy work just before performing actually tires you out! So, right at the time you need to be your fastest, you’ve just slowed yourself down. It’s sort of like a sprinter running a bunch of sprints or laps minutes before a race. Yes, he’s warmed up, but he has also depleted too much of his energy, so he cannot perform at his peak. Slowpitch Softball Workout Program

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