How Do I Increase My Bench Press? 5 Tips That Will Help You Find The Answer

This must be the most asked question guys asked in any gym. Bench press is considered the king of all strength exercises. And to increase it is something most guys work hard on. If you ever asked yourself “How Do I Increase My Bench Press?”, you know the answer may be hard to find. It would seem, that everyone has a different answer for you. But there are some universal truths you need to follow if you really want to increase bench press strength.

1. Have a plan
Many lifters fail to come up with a detailed plan. But without one, you are just guessing what needs to be done, how much weight to use, how many reps to do…. Every workout will be a guess work, rather than progressive workout with a goal at the end. If you cannot come up to a progressive plan, try looking into getting a trainer, if you can afford it, or try some of the professionally designed bench press workouts from the Internet. They are cheap, they are tested and they will lead you step by step.

2. Train hard
That’s obvious, right? But despite that everyone knows this requirement, not everyone is up to the task. Skipping workouts, prolonging breaks between sets, using lighter weights than you should – these are common things that are happening in any gym even among lifters who consider themselves hard-core. Just keep in mind, that you will get from your bench press workouts as much as you put into them.

3. Train smart
Increasing your bench press requires some seriously heavy lifting. But in order to maximize the results, you need to make sure your bench press routine is a smart routine. You cannot workout if you are injured. Warm up well! You cannot expect to gain bench press strength if your bench is a secondary exercise. Start with bench press! You cannot just come to the gym and start doing whatever you feel like. That does not lead to big bench press. Follow the plan!

4. Eat
You simply cannot increase bench press strength on a low-carb diet. You train hard, you need to eat a lot too. That does not mean you eat whatever you see. Just like with your bench press plan, you need to have a diet plan too. Again, the best is to hire a personal trainer, or follow some solid plan designed by a professional trainer, that has been time-tested and proven by other lifters.

5. Rest
If one is good, two must be better, right? Well, not if you want to increase your bench. Although you supply your body with all the nutrition it needs, you still need to let it rest. No rest, no gain. Over-training is a common error many lifters make. It makes your body more inclined to injuries and slowly but surely decreases your motivation as your progress stops. So don’t forget to get enough rest!

These are just a few common tips that  will hopefully give you a little guidance in your quest for bench press strength.

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