Chest Supersets – Can They Help You Increase Bench Press Strength?

Supersets are nothing new in the world of weight training. They have been used by many lifters and are an essential part of bodyuilding training, especially during the ripping phase. But can chest supersets actually work of your goal is to increase bench press strength?

Supersets are two or more consecutive sets of different exercises. They follow immediately one after another, with no break between sets (the only downtime is the time you move from one exercise to the next one).

Typically, supersets involve exercises for the same body part or muscle, but some lifters, especially in bodybuilding community often use supersets for different muscle groups. For example, after bench press, the following set would be a back exercise.

Supersets, including chest supersets, are not typically used to increase strength because they tire the lifter too much to be fully able to use max weights. However, with a little twist, in is possible to effectively use supersets in your bench press workouts and see increase in your overall bench press strength.

If you decide to try them, make sure you do so at the beginning of your phase, when the weighs are at 70%-75% of your max. Always start with bench press as the first exercise of your chest superset. The next exercise should be less demanding and using different motion. The best would be dumbbell flyes as this exercises is easy to incorporate without leaving the bench. If you are a bench press beginner, 3 supersets should be enough. If you are more experienced, you can try to add another set to it. I suggest chest dip. Most likely, you will not need to attach any extra weight, your body weight should be enough. This makes it for a fast transition, so you will satisfy the important requirement of chest supersets – no breaks between sets. Again, 3 supersets should be enough even for a hard-core lifter.

There are few things you need to remember:
– keep the breaks between sets minimal
– set up all stations you will be using during your chest supersets before you start. You do not want to find yourself waiting for the equipment during your supersets.
– don’t use machines. They are great to get ripped, but your goal is to increase bench press. strength. So forget Peck deck or cable flyes and use free weights instead.
– always start with bench press. To increase bench press strength means to give it a priority.
– don’t over-train. Supersets are very intense and if used frequently and in excess, you won’t give your muscles enough time to recover.
– observe and evaluate. If you find yourself too tired and unable to increase weights as planned, reduce the number of supersets, or remove them from your workout altogether.

There are many ways to bench press strength. Chest supersets may be yours. Give them a try and see for yourself.

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