Best Workout For A Six Pack Abs

The best workout for a six pack abs should be intense and fast. Get rid of the old boring cardio routine like the treadmill and the elliptical. Low intensity steady state is not as effective as high intensity interval training. We need to focus our workouts to be intense and fast.

In this routine I will tell you a couple exercises that will burn fat and build muscle at the same time

Burpees – the ultimate cardio exercise. This exercise will work your core, legs and stamina. Start with your feet shoulder width apart bend your legs and put your hands in front of your knees. Kick you leg back until you are in a push up position then bring your legs in back to the starting position and then jump as high as you can.
Jumping lunges – Another great exercise that will work on your core and legs and stamina. For beginners start by doing walking lunges and then slowly progress into jumping lunges.
Jumping jack – the classic exercise that we have been doing since grade school. But you have to do it the athletic way. Make a diamond on top and touch your hips when you come back down. Make sure you are moving your feet outward and inward.
Push up and pull up super set – The two upper body exercises that does not require any weight. In order to perform these two exercises correctly you must keep your core tight and contracted. For the push ups make sure you go all the way down without touching your chest to the floor and all the way up until your elbows are almost locked. For pull ups make sure you start from a dead start and do not use momentum to pull yourself up. In a nice slow tempo pull yourself up as high as possible contracting your back muscle and come back down until elbows are lock

Add this exercises to your current workout routine and you will have the best workout for a six pack abs. Adding a kettlebell workout routine would also be benficial for the best workout for a six pack abs

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