What is the best workout for lean muscle mass

Lean muscle bodies have come into the picture strongly the last few years mainly due to movies and television. It is an awesome sight to see movie actors with perfectly lean yet muscular bodies with streamlined waist lines. Have you ever wondered if it is possible for you to gain lean muscle mass like they do? If so you’re at the right place. I will show you the right workout to gain lean muscle.

The quest to gain lean muscle mass starts off with losing fat. The lower your fat content the higher your lean muscle mass is. We will the using the Vince Delmont training style. This involves a balanced mix of weight training and cardio. Your workout will be very short and won’t last more than an hour. You will be training 3 days a week , so that’s 3 hours a week for an awesome lean yet muscular body!

Weight training will consist of two body parts per day. The workout is formulated in such a way as to train two related body parts per day. We train Chest with triceps, back with biceps and legs with shoulders and calves. Abs will be trained every day. Even though this sounds hectic it really isn’t. We will use only a few compound movements per exercise in order to get the maximum bang for the buck. Each workout will consist of about 3 exercises per body part with a rep range of 10-15 in order to stimulate your lean muscle mass activators.

We now come to cardio. Cardio as you know it is hard grueling hours of running! But this is not the case with this workout. Here we do cardio for just 15 minutes after weight training. After weights your body has exhausted its glycogen store. So in order to raise energy for the cardio session it turns now to your fat stores. This means that every calorie you burn will be taken from fats and not from carbs. You should ideal do about 15 minutes of moderate to high intensity cardio.

That’s it! These are the basic principles in order to get a lean muscular body!

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